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Article: What is Sustainability and Why is it Important? What are Sustainability Examples?

What is Sustainability and Why is it Important? What are Sustainability Examples?

The concept of sustainability first emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. This concept covers the correct and efficient use of the world's resources along with the increase in population, decrease in forest areas and increasing need for food. Sustainability means acting by considering not only today but also future generations and implementing long-term plans. Why is sustainability important? We have compiled it with examples for those who are curious.


Sustainability consists of three basic elements. The first of these is social development and is closely related to the principles of sharing and solidarity in society. Environmental awareness includes the protection of living species and green areas. Economic growth is not limited to a certain country or region, but is on a universal scale.


What is Sustainability?

Sustainability means using existing resources more consciously. Apart from this, creating new resources, protecting the environment and eliminating economic inequalities are among the basic issues of sustainable development.

Why is Sustainability Important?

Sustainability plays an important role in the development of societies and countries. By protecting the environment and using resources economically, it becomes possible to leave a more livable world to future generations.


What are Sustainability Examples?


Examples of sustainability in the economic field:

1- Creating more employment and preventing unemployment.

2- To create new funds and prevent deprivation of rights.

3- To prevent corruption and bribery.

4- To ensure equal opportunity for everyone.


Examples of environmental sustainability:

1- Preferring recyclable leather products instead of real leather products.

2- Planting more trees and protecting green areas.

3- To inform the public about being environmentally conscious.

4- Minimizing the factors that cause global warming and climate changes.

5- To prevent unplanned urbanization and illegal construction.


Examples of sustainability in social development:

1- Developing new projects to increase the qualified population.

2- Opening more educational institutions.

3- Taking concrete steps to ensure social justice around the world.

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